Perez Home Concepts

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Perez Home Concepts


Founded: 2006

Owner: Jose Perez Jr.

Partner: Chris Evans


Areas of expertise:  Custom Wood Work, Wood Finishing & Painting, Furniture Refinishing, Wood Refinishing,Drywall, and Painting. 

It all started with a dream, Jose Perez Jr. spent most of his childhood in Michoacan, Mexico. His father was a fine carpenter and expert home builder. As a kid, he enjoyed watching his father work and couldn't wait to start his own business in the very same trade. Michoacan is famously known for fine woodwork and Jose also took note of that. That was another thing he wanted to integrate to his future business, he saw he value and beauty in it. In 2006, he finally took his chance and started the company. It began with custom cabinetry. He later met Mauricio, an expert fine carpenter, who comes from a long line of fine furniture makers and carpenters in Guerrero, Mexico. Shortly after, they partnered with Chris Evans who had a background in sales and construction. Chris traveled around the United States and even overseas learning different aspects of each trade soaking up as much knowledge as possible. Eventually, he was ready to apply all that he learned and work with like-minded individuals. He was able to quickly join the team of Jose and Mauricio through past experiences knowing the former, the three of them have made Perez Home Concepts what it is today and what it will continue to be for years to come.